Welcome to the Node CECAM-DE-SMSM

CECAM (Centre Europeen de Calcul Atomique et Moleculaire) is a European organization devoted to the promotion of fundamental research on advanced computational methods and to their application to important problems in science and technology. Traditionally the focus of its activities has been on atomistic and molecular simulations, mainly in relation to the physics and chemistry of condensed matter, and here in particular on the dissemination of knowledge in the community. In 2009, a new nodal structure was established, in which local centers with specialized scientific strengths at various locations in Europe contribute to CECAM's activities. The present Node was founded on November 1, 2010.

The Node's Mission

The Node views itself as particularly strong in various aspects of Computational Soft Matter Science, including the themes

  • Equilibrium and Non-Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics, with emphasis on molecular aspects;
  • understanding Soft Matter systems like e. g. polymers, colloids, liquid crystals;
  • Materials Science in terms of both qualitative and quantitative aspects;
  • Multiscale Modeling ranging from electronic structure to hydrodynamics of complex systems;
  • development of innovative algorithms;
  • High Performance Computing.

It therefore strives to foster science in these fields by various scientific activities, in particular

  • workshops, schools, international conferences;
  • hands-on training on computer programs;
  • advanced teaching;
  • hosting of guest stays;
  • collaborative research projects;
  • mutual exchange of PhD students and postdocs.

Contributing Institutions

SMSM is a multi-institution Node, formed by a consortium of four different institutions:

The Node's Governance

The Node is governed by its Steering Committee, consisting of four scientists, each coming from one of the respecitive institutions:

The organizational business of the Node is managed by the Node Director, Prof. Dr. Burkhard Dünweg from the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research, Mainz.

Events 2011

In 2011, the Node hosted

Furthermore, the International Symposium "Computer Simulations on GPU" was hosted at the Node as well. This event, though highly successful, was however not accepted as a CECAM activity.

Guests 2011

CECAM guests hosted by the Node are:

Events 2012

The workshop / tutorial / conference program of 2012 comprises the events:

Guests 2012

The 2012 guest list comprises:

Events 2013

The workshop / tutorial / conference program of 2013 comprises the events:

Guests 2013

The 2013 guest list is:

Events 2014

The workshop / tutorial / conference program of 2014 comprises the events:

Guests 2014

The 2014 guest list is:

Events 2015

The workshop / tutorial / conference program of 2015 comprises the events:

Guests 2015

The 2015 guest list is:

Events 2016

The workshop / tutorial / conference program of 2016 comprises the events:

Guests 2016



In case you wish to get in contact with the Node (because, for example, you have suggestions for the program), please send an e-mail to the Node Director Burkhard Dünweg. Please note that a proposal submitted to CECAM for an event to be hosted by the Node will only be considered if the Node has been contacted in advance, and the Node has approved.

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